We’ve added new information to our site (but we’re still under construction!!)

Adam - May 1-08 - 3

Our redesign of the website has not been as speedy as we had hoped it would be. I had somehow pictured that we would get it all perfectly sorted and then publish it as a complete work of art! Well, as I have often told my students over the years: “Perfect is boring” (and we strive to be interesting!)

So what you’re going to see is a site in development - some parts are complete and others are marked with Adam’s safety glasses picture and the tagline “UNDER CONSTRUCTION!” 

Lots more to come (we’ve learned a lot over the years!), so please check back often. And as always, we invite your feedback on what’s here now, as well as your requests for what you’d like to see added (or expanded or clarified).

Sheila B

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